Visit from local school

We had a great visit last week from St Georges Preparatory School and a very enthusiastic group of young children. The children who visited the nursery were aged 5/6 and were very keen to learn about how plants grow and what is involved in this process.

They arrived suitably clothed in their winter wears and Carl Presgrave and Charlotte Aiken showed them the different stages that we go through as a commercial nursery in the planting process. The first pit-stop was in the Seeding Shed where Simon Brigden our head Grower, did a fantastic demonstration of how we start the process off by planting seeds with our specialist machines. Which lead onto show the children where we let the seeds germinate through a combination of heat and moisture, the children loved the water jets!
We then continued our journey into the glass houses showing the children the different stages of growth with varying heat temperatures and water controls to bring them up to the standard required, before going into production to be packed and loaded onto lorries to go to the retailers.
We let the children have a go and put into practise what they had learnt by planting seeds and cuttings themselves!
A lovely comment from Sarah Whelan, the Headteacher of St Georges Preparatory School "We love to get the children out into the real world so that they can really see the relevance of what they are learning in school. Learning in a hands-on fashion makes learning so much more memorable and I’m sure that our children will have learned much more from their visit than from any textbook!"


Spring Sales finally now underway at Bell`s

Finally after a Cold and Gloomy January sales are away. Week 6 has seen Primrose sales rocket and we are now warming up the crop to keep up with the Demand.

Please order on a Monday to guarantee delivery that week.


Poinsettia Packing now in Peak

Our 2016 Poinsettia packing is now in peak, 2016 has seen an increase in production of almost 30% compared to 2015. New for 2016 is a trial in the novelty sector with the variety Harlequin, this variety has unique double red flowers and better branching than others on the market.

We have also re-introduced back 2 colours within the 13cm range for the Garden Centre market.


Santa made an Unannounced Audit of the Christmas Production at Bell's Sunday.


He said everything was just perfect and very jolly...and left a glowing report on the fantastic Christmas Wreath Production....


Well Done One and All...Merry Christmas!!! Ho Ho Ho


Bell`s pumpkin harvest gets underway

Our 2016 Pumpkin Harvest has now got underway,this season we will be sending nearly half a million pumpkins to retailers all around the UK.

The Pumpkins are harvested by our own harvesting rig which reduces damage. The pumpkins are cut from the plant, placed on a conveyor belt, this then takes them up to the trailer where they are washed and graded. When they reach the end they are put into bins to be transported back to the nursery.


Ball Colgrave Trial Visit

A number of employees made the annual visit to the Ball Colgrave Trials yesterday. The visit was led by both MD Robert Bell and Sales Executive Gavin Bell. The visit was made up also by representation of Account Managers, Production Leaders, Sales Development and Growing Team members.

All members found the trip very useful and a number of improved varieties were selected for the 2017 programme.